The Doctors Showcases the Astanza Duality Tattoo Removal Laser

Original News Release: Astanza Duality Tattoo Removal Laser Featured on “The Doctors”

Tattoo Removal Lasers are gaining popularity and being showcased on TV. In the 4th season of “The Doctors.” The Astanza Duality Q-Switched Laser which is the latest advancement in a new generation of laser technology, was featured along with Dr. Will Kirby.

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The Doctors, the internationally syndicated medical talk show, featured the Astanza Duality tattoo removal laser in today’s program.  In a guest appearance Dr. Will Kirby , a leading authority on laser tattoo removal and medical director of Dr. TATTOFF, performed procedures using Astanza Laser’s newest system on model patients.

Today’s program showcased the latest advancement in a new generation of q-switched laser technology – Astanza’s Duality Laser.  A Los Angeles model (Sarah) presented with a vivid tattoo (black, light green, pink, yellow) that when treated had “nothing short of a phenomenal reaction” that “absolutely thrilled” Dr. Kirby.  The Duality is indicated for true multi-color tattoo removal that far exceeds in performance and reliability other lasers on the market.

In its 4th Season, The Doctors focuses on public presentation of medical and health topics, and features the latest developments in medical technology and procedures that are changing lives.  This episode was the latest appearance for Astanza Laser, the world’s leading manufacturer of tattoo removal lasers, as well as for Dr. Kirby, a frequent guest expert for dermatology cases.

Laser tattoo removal is quickly gaining popularity as a non-invasive aesthetic procedure.  Public opinion research has found that 45 million Americans have tattoos, including 30% of college graduates and 40% of 26-40 year olds.  Clinics specializing in tattoo removal are opening nationwide in response to the increasing demand for removal of these tattoos.  Dr. TATTOFF, the world’s largest chain of tattoo removal clinics, has been integrating Astanza technology into clinics they’ve opened in 2012 and 2013.

The state-of-the-art Astanza Duality is a q-switched Nd:YAG laser with unparalleled power for laser practitioners.  With TruePowerTM technology for maximized energy transfer and a homogenized, square spot beam profile for greater efficacy and safety, the Astanza Duality can provide for ideal tattoo removal results.  Industry-leading service response times and the most comprehensive warranty coverage have contributed to the strong adoption of Astanza Laser systems by medical practitioners and laser clinic entrepreneurs.

The Astanza Duality can be seen in action on The Doctors Show today on CBS and on the official Astanza Duality product webpage:


Astanza Laser is a leading manufacturer of Q-switched lasers with a specialized focus on laser tattoo removal. In addition to developing cutting-edge laser tattoo removal technology such as the Duality and Revolution lasers, Astanza Laser offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services specific to achieving success in this growing field.

Physicians and medical entrepreneurs throughout the United States and North America, Europe, and Asia use Astanza Laser’s tattoo removal laser systems. For product, investor, or press information, contact Astanza Laser at 800-364-9010, or visit

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Original News Release: Astanza Duality Tattoo Removal Laser Featured on “The Doctors”

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