Indy Laser Tattoo Removal

Official Website: Indy Laser Tattoo Removal

Indy Laser Tattoo Removal, located in Indianapolis, is a great place to go if you no longer want your tattoo, for whatever reason. The laser technology allows the tattoo(s) to be removed without any surgery. Since laser technology has become so popular, it has become much easier for people to remove unwanted tattoos. This can be done at Indy Laser Tattoo Removal.

Indy Tattoo Removal is a leading provider of state of the art laser tattoo. Our Q-switched lasers are the leading technology for removing your unwanted tattoo’s. Our improved technology allows us to treat clients every four to six weeks. Other systems require as much as two months between treatments.

Remember, all we do is tattoo removal at Indy Tattoo Removal and our technicians are all Certified Laser Specialists. Read more ›

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Advanced Laser Skin Center

Official Website: Advanced Laser Skin Center

Advanced Laser Skin Center, located in Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio, is a great place to go for anyone living nearby who wants a tattoo removed, whether it be due to regret, or to get a job, or just because their interests changed and they no longer want the tattoo. Advanced Laser Skin Center uses laser technology to remove unwanted tattoos in a number of sessions.

The R20 Tattoo Removal Method (R20 Protocol)
R20 represents the cutting edge in laser tattoo removal. The new laser tattoo removal treatment R20 protocol was published in 2011. R20 involves performing 3-4 laser treatments in one session. The result of the R20 method is 50-85% clearing in a single session without additional side effects. Read more ›

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Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic

Official Website: Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic

Dallas Tattoo Removal is a great place for anyone who wants to remove unwanted tattoos. They have a number of doctors who each specialize in certain cosmetic procedures. They use laser technology for tattoo removal in a number of sessions at a low cost.

Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic utilizes “The Eliminator” Q-Switched laser system which is considered the gold standard laser for tattoo removal. It emits two wavelengths of laser light to achieve lightening of the chosen tattoo or lesion. The advent of Q-Switched lasers has permitted the removal of most tattoo inks with a very low risk of scarring. The Eliminator can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks and pigmented lesions.

Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic has been dedicated to removing tattoo’s for free and at low cost since 2000. We also provide a variety of revolutionary skin treatments. Read more ›

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Florida Skin Center

Official Website: Florida Skin Center

Sinc July 2001, Florida Skin Center has been providing skin care for anyone nearby. There are two offices, one in Fort Meyers, Florida, and one in Cape Coral, Florida. This allows for even more people to have the opportunity to stop in. The sessions needed for tattoo removal can range from three to eleven sessions depending on the size and color of the tattoo, and before and after pictures can be found on the website.

Both professional and amateur tattoos can be removed. Nearly all colors can be effectively removed in as little as 3 to 4 sessions or in as many as 9 to 11 depending on the method by which the tattoo was placed, the types of dyes used, and the length of time the tattoo has been present.

For as many reasons as people get tattoos, there are the same number of reasons why people want them removed. At Florida Skin Center, we can help. Thanks to specialized, laser technology, we can safely fade your tattoos so there is little or no trace left. We can apply the same technology to remove birthmarks and other undesired skin pigmentation. Read more ›

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Glad Aesthetics

Official Website: Glad Aesthetics

Glad Eyecae, Surgery, & Aesthetics Center, located in Palm Bay, Florida, specializes in many different medical fields. They offer tattoo removal with laser procedures. Their new laser technology prevents severe burns, blistering, and pain in general, and makes is quicker, less costly, and more efficient to remove unwanted tattoos.

Central Florida Cosmetic Center Glad Aesthetics is a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic at Palm Bay. Tattoo laser treatments utilize different wavelengths to target specific colors associated with the pigmentation of the tattoo. A tattoo consists of tiny pockets of ink that are too large for the macrophages of the skin. The skin is unable to absorb these pockets of ink causing the tattoo remain undisturbed.

The selectivity of the laser as well as the amount of light energies that can be created is important which is why the Q-Switch Yag laser is used in our practice in order to eliminate tattoos. Read more ›

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Official Website: Lasergenex

Lasergenex is the premier laser tattoo removal center in the state of Florida. It is located inn Pembroke Pines, which makes it available to several surrounding areas. Their website states, “Our goal is to set the highest standards in the industry, using the newest, most advanced lasers, and treatments available. If quality, service, safety, skill, and experience are important to you, then come to the experts at Lasergenex”

This is difficult to predict, because every tattoo and person is unique. The removal process is gradual: typically it requires 7- 15 treatments (varies with each person). Some patients notice complete results within 4 treatments for an older, faded amateur tattoo whereas a professionally applied tattoo may require as many as 8 treatments or more. Read more ›

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California Skin & Laser Center

Official Website: California Skin & Laser Center

California Skin & Laser Center has two locations, in Stockton and Lodi, California. Run by Dr. Gerald N. Bock, the skin and laser center will provide cosmetic services to anyone who stops in. They use laser technology to remove tattoos, and offer information on their procedures on their website.

Decorative tattooing in humans was first practiced during the stone and bronze ages. A study conducted in 1991 found that 9-11% of adult men in the United States had tattoos, but more than 50% regretted having them and would seek removal if possible. (A 2003 poll found the number of adults with tattoos to have increased to 16%!) Unfortunately, at the present time, tattooing remains popular with celebrities such as athletes and entertainers, serving as a role models for teenagers and young adults and encouraging them to seek tattoos. Read more ›

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TLC Skin Laser Center

Official Website: TLC Skin Laser Center

Founded by Dr. Steven Popkow, TLC Skin Laser Center is located in Los Angeles California and provides laser tattoo removal treatments for anyone living nearby. Dr. Popkow has over 25 years of experience as a medical doctor, and 16 years in skin laser surgery. The initial tattoo removal consultation is free.

What Kinds of Tattoos and Pigmented Lesions Can Be Treated?

A tattoo’s color, depth, and the chemical composition of the ink all affect how it responds to laser light. Black, red, dark orange, and dark blue tattoos will usually respond to relatively quickly to treatments with our system. However, green, purple, brown, light orange and light blue colors may require more treatments. In general, most tattoos can be successfully treated, given a sufficient number of treatments. A wide range of pigmented lesions can also be treated, including freckles, sunspots and brown-colored birthmarks. Read more ›

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Juva Skin and Laser Center

Official Website: Juva Skin and Laser Center

Juva Skin and Laser Center, located in Manhattan, is a great place to go if you no longer want your tattoo, for whatever reason. The laser technology allows the tattoo(s) to be removed without any surgery. Since laser technology has become so popular, it has become much easier for people to remove unwanted tattoos. This can be done at Juva Skin and Laser Center.

Do you have a tattoo that you want to get rid of? Whether it has become unattractive, no longer expresses you, or is associated with painful memories, there are many reasons why people want tattoos removed. In the past, tattoo removal was a surgical process that would often leave a scar, but modern laser tattoo removal allows you to remove nearly any tattoo completely, without surgery and without a scar.

This page gives some background information about laser tattoo removal, but tattoos are highly variable, and the only way to know what results you can expect and how long they may take to achieve is to have your tattoo evaluated in person by one of our laser experts. To schedule a consultation at our Manhattan office, please call 212-688-5882 (JUVA) or email us today. Read more ›

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Boston Medical Center

Official Website: Boston Medical Center

The Boston Medical Center specializes in all sorts of procedures. Their cosmetic & laser center offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, which include laser tattoo removal. Their website shows before and after photos of people who have removed tattoos, as well as some useful information on tattoo removal.

Laser Procedures – Laser for Tattoo Removal

What types of tattoos can be treated with laser?
The most easily treated tattoos are blue-black tattoos, both amateur and professional. The effectiveness of the laser is dependent upon the location and depth of the tattoo, as well as the composition of the pigments. Tattoos with bright to tan colors are more difficult to remove. Read more ›

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