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Official Website: New York Dermatology Group

The New York Dermatology Group works to improve skin, which includes removing tattoos. Their website offers information about tattoo removal, as well as information about other skin related procedures. They use a Q-switched laser to remove tattoos efficiently.

Tattoo Removal in New York

Tattoo removal is an old problem; for as long as there have been permanent tattoos, there have been people who would like to permanently be rid of them. Until now, however, methods for removing tattoo ink from the skin including dermabrasion, saltabrasion, CO2 lasersdidn’t work, left scars, and were less than a pleasant experience for the patient.

Laser Tattoo Removal NYC

Now MedLite can remove tattoo ink safely and effectively with the energy of light. This Q-Switch laser uses a specific wavelength to pass through the skin and penetrate the tattoo ink. The rapid absorption of the light disseminates the ink into tiny particles, which are then filtered gradually by the body. The surface skin remains unharmed.

The MedLite works on professional, amateur, traumatic and surgical tattoos. Typically, removal of a professional tattoo requires 4 or 5 treatments scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. The depth and the type of the ink will determine the number of sessions. Though mitigating factors such as ink color and ink type make the exact degree of success difficult for the physician to predict, with the MedLite system, more than 95% fading on permanent tattoos can be accomplished.
Some color inks are easier to remove from the skin than others. Dark, like blue and black, and red inks resolve most successfully, while greens and yellows are more difficult and require additional exposures to the laser. During consultation, the physician must determine the ideal number of sessions needed for the desired result.

Discomfort during treatment is minimal. The laser emits a short pulse, which can feel like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. Of course, the more involved the tattoo, the more involved its removal, and some patients prefer a topical anesthetic to numb the area during treatment.

Post-treatment care is important. The treated area must be kept clean and protected with anti-bacterial ointment and temporary dressings. The doctor will give detailed instructions for care for the days directly following the procedure.

Official Website: New York Dermatology Group

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