Indy Laser Tattoo Removal

Official Website: Indy Laser Tattoo Removal

Indy Laser Tattoo Removal, located in Indianapolis, is a great place to go if you no longer want your tattoo, for whatever reason. The laser technology allows the tattoo(s) to be removed without any surgery. Since laser technology has become so popular, it has become much easier for people to remove unwanted tattoos. This can be done at Indy Laser Tattoo Removal.

Indy Tattoo Removal is a leading provider of state of the art laser tattoo. Our Q-switched lasers are the leading technology for removing your unwanted tattoo’s. Our improved technology allows us to treat clients every four to six weeks. Other systems require as much as two months between treatments.

Remember, all we do is tattoo removal at Indy Tattoo Removal and our technicians are all Certified Laser Specialists.

A free consultation with one of our Certified Laser Specialists will allow you to ask questions and help you completely understand the process of removing your unwanted tattoo. If we can see your skin and the ink you want removed, we can be more specific about the cost and number of treatments.

Indy Tattoo Removal is the only tattoo removal service offering the Lutronic Spectra, YAG:Nd Q-switch laser for tattoo removal. This high-powered, Q-switched dual-wavelength laser system uses multiple wavelengths of light to remove multi-color tattoos.

Other tattoo removers use less-sophisticated equipment. Lotions and ointments are advertised for tattoo removal, but they don’t work. Do you want to trust your body to lesser equipment or to lotions?
The laser tattoo removal process is quite remarkable, and the results are significant and immediate.

Official Website: Indy Laser Tattoo Removal

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