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Glad Eyecae, Surgery, & Aesthetics Center, located in Palm Bay, Florida, specializes in many different medical fields. They offer tattoo removal with laser procedures. Their new laser technology prevents severe burns, blistering, and pain in general, and makes is quicker, less costly, and more efficient to remove unwanted tattoos.

Central Florida Cosmetic Center Glad Aesthetics is a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic at Palm Bay. Tattoo laser treatments utilize different wavelengths to target specific colors associated with the pigmentation of the tattoo. A tattoo consists of tiny pockets of ink that are too large for the macrophages of the skin. The skin is unable to absorb these pockets of ink causing the tattoo remain undisturbed.

The selectivity of the laser as well as the amount of light energies that can be created is important which is why the Q-Switch Yag laser is used in our practice in order to eliminate tattoos.

Factors influencing the outcome of tattoo removal procedures involve the type of ink used in the tattoo and the density of colors associated with the tattoo. Lasers need to see the contrast of colors associated with the tattoo and absorption of heat energies are also a consideration based upon the type of ink used in the tattoo. Professional tattoos are the easiest of tattoos to remove, so those of you who have a professional tattoo and are looking to remove it must not worry!  Our practice can make it possible! However, nonprofessional tattoos that use other types of ink are the most difficult to remove and can require many treatments to eliminate the tattoo. The procedure is painless, does not require any type of anesthesia, there is no downtime after the procedure, and post procedure care is to keep the wound clean and avoid infection – there are no medical related side effects.

Improvements to tattoo laser removal technologies have greatly improved the efficacy of the treatments and have virtually eliminated “ghosting” and other undesirable effects. Multiple treatments are still needed and expectations are based upon the positive results of the treatments (fading away of the tattoo) in determining the total number of treatments needed. There are minimal effects to surrounding tissue around the tattoo, minimal risk of blistering, little or no risk of hyperpigmentation issues, and no downtime to the procedures. The largest variables to any tattoo are the type of ink used as well as the density of the colors, flexibility of treatments options now allow for better results as laser light energies have been further defined to target all colors associated with tattoos , which offers better results!

Official Website: Glad Aesthetics

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