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Official Website: Dr. TATTOFF

Dr. TATTOFF is a tattoo removal company with offices all over America, in places such as Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas. The clinics have performed over 170,000 procedures since 2004. The website offers prices, videos, FAQ, and Before and After pictures, as well as other useful information about the company.

Laser tattoo removal is our specialty at Dr. TATTOFF. Since 2004 we have performed hundreds of thousands of procedures at our multiple locations across the US. We have also been featured performing laser tattoo removal on a wide variety of television programs, as well as featured in numerous major newspapers, magazines and medical journals. Because of this we have developed a reputation not only in America but around the world as the premier provider of this service.

Utilizing the latest technology and providing the highest level of medical care is extremely important in achieving the best laser tattoo removal results. All of the clinicians at Dr. TATTOFF clinics have a medical degree of registered nurse at the bare minimum, and all of our clinics are overseen by board certified dermatologists who have special expertise in the field of laser tattoo removal. The clinicians who perform these treatments at Dr. TATTOFF clinics are hand picked and specially trained using state of the art equipment, latest treatment techniques and the most effective methods available.

Dr. TATTOFF’s guarantee ensures that we always put the patient first and gives you peace of mind during the process. Through our guarantee, if you complete the number of treatments we estimate it will take to remove your tattoo and any ink is still visible, we will continue to treat you for free for a period of up to a year after your last paid treatment. If your tattoo is completely removed and you have prepaid for any additional treatments, we will refund the full amount of the unused treatments.

Tattoo removal cost and prices are determined during your free consultation by measuring the size of your tattoo. We charge $49 per square inch per treatment or less (depending on the size of your tattoo), with a $98 per-treatment minimum. If you buy the full package of treatments we recommend for complete removal up front you’ll save an additional 25% off the single treatment cost.

You’ll find plenty of laser tattoo removal before and after pictures on the Dr. TATTOFF website. Our before and after photos are all of actual Dr. TATTOFF patients and have not been adjusted or retouched.

Official Website: Dr. TATTOFF

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