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Why Do People Remove Tattoos?

Original Article: Erasing Tattoos, Out of Regret or for a New Canvas It seems obvious. You get a tattoo, you regret it later, you get it removed. Some people even erase their tattoo just so they can put a new

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Heidi Klum Removing her “Seal” Tattoo

Original Article: Heidi Klum Removing ‘Seal’ Tattoo After Divorce You know what helps you get over being married to a famous singer (Seal) for seven years? Getting rid of that special tattoo commemorating your love to him. Like many others

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Kimberly Vlaminck – Tattoo Face Stars Removed

Original Article: Belgian woman has 56 star tattoos removed from face So the deal is some 19 year old Belgian girl went into a tattoo parlor asking for 3 little star tattoos to be placed near her eye. Long story

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Nicole Richie – Tramp Stamp Removal of her Butt Crack Cross

Original Article: Removing Nicole Richie’s Tramp Stamp Will Probably Feel a Lot Like ‘Bacon Splatter’ When you can’t get your show on TV, there is always the web. Nicole Richie is doing that with her new web series called #CandidlyNicole.

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Lea Michele All Smiles After Tattoo Removal – E – Online

Original Article: Lea Michele All Smiles After Tattoo Removal Seems lot a whole lot of hub bub over having a tiny heart removed. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that there are times it has taken me longer to get the

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