Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic

Official Website: Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic

Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic is a great place to go for people living in West Texas who regret, dislike, or no longer desire a tattoo and want it erased. The clinic uses a laser with a low risk of scarring, making it safer than many other lasers.

Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic offers the safest and fastest removal process in West Texas.  Most patients travel to larger cities and must make many returning trips to complete the process, but not any longer.  No more expensive trips.

Through much research concerning lasers, we have found an Advanced Solid State Laser which will remove a wide variety of inks with an extremely low risk of scarring.

The rapid absorption of the laser energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which is then removed by the body’s natural filtering system, or the ink will rise into the scab.  There is little down time after each treatment and successive treatments are 30 days apart.  The number of treatments depends on the amount of ink in the skin. Most patients will complete the process between  8 to 12 treatments for adequate results.

Official Website: Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic

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