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Advanced Laser Skin Center, located in Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio, is a great place to go for anyone living nearby who wants a tattoo removed, whether it be due to regret, or to get a job, or just because their interests changed and they no longer want the tattoo. Advanced Laser Skin Center uses laser technology to remove unwanted tattoos in a number of sessions.

The R20 Tattoo Removal Method (R20 Protocol)
R20 represents the cutting edge in laser tattoo removal. The new laser tattoo removal treatment R20 protocol was published in 2011. R20 involves performing 3-4 laser treatments in one session. The result of the R20 method is 50-85% clearing in a single session without additional side effects.

How the R20 Method Works
Laser Tattoo removal treatments form tiny vapor bubbles in the skin (frosting) that looks like fine white powder. Ordinarily, this frost refracts the laser beam preventing it from penetrating the skin. After 15-20 minutes the frost disappears making it possible to do another treatment or “pass”. The R20 Tattoo Removal method simply waits for this to happen and lets us treat clients 3-4 times in one visit.

R20 Results (Good to Excellent)
Combining three to four laser tattoo removal treatments during one office visit lets the laser reach deeper than with a traditional single-pass treatment. One R20 treatment would be sufficient to completely remove an amateur black tattoo or for lightening a tattoo for a new one. For professionally applied black tattoos, however, about 50-75% fading will occur. This is significantly more fading than expected from 3-4 conventional treatments. Using the R20 method will cut the total time for removal by half or more.

R20 Discomfort (Same as Conventional Treatments)
The discomfort experienced in R20 treatments is no worse than conventional treatments for which the majority do not want pre-numbing.

Post Treatment Experience (Some Discomfort)
Most clients will be able to return to normal activities immediately or in a day. Site-specific swelling, inflammation is common as is slight bruising and blistering around the treated area. There are slight differences in post-treatment care.

Safety (Proven Safe)
The R20 method of tattoo removal is effective and safe. There are no increased side effects seen with this new method of treatment on black tattoos. R20 is safe on all skin-types. As always at Advanced Laser Skin Center, SAFE tattoo removal is our primary concern.

Cost/Prices (Maybe Faster and More Affordable)
Advanced Laser Skin Center offers R20 Tattoo Removal sessions. An R20 Tattoo Removal session includes 3-4 treatments. The TOTAL cost for removal will work out to be the same or less than conventional treatments.

Official Website: Advanced Laser Skin Center

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